Modern Transitions
Modern Transitions

Luca's Modern Transitions includes 86 freely interpreted transitions inspired by geometric and light forms as well as art movements such as Suprematism and abstract experimentation. This set of new transitions is ideal for adding a contemporary look to any given project. Each clip can be modified individually or layered on top of another to create a truely unique effect.

Tutorial Tutorial

These clips have been designed to give editors new original and creative solutions for their clients. They may be used independently on the timeline or stacked several on top of each other to create a variety of effects. Numerous looks can be created from using just one clip, with or without a composite modes applied. Effects such as color correction, geometry changes such us scale, distortion, rotation or all of them combined may also be used to create a unique feel. Although Modern Transitions Vol. 1 contains 86 clips, in the hands of a creative and keen user, limitless outcomes may be produced.

Please watch the demo above to get an idea of some of the looks achievable. A watermarked trial version may be downloaded by following this link. Alternatively, for a quick test on your editing software, watermarked demo clips may be downloaded here, MT1 Demo Clips 01 and MT1 Demo Clips 02.

To find out how our alpha transitions can be used inside a software, please watch our tutorial here.

Modern Transitions PackOriginal

Modern Transitions PackMT1_0 76

Modern Transitions PackMT1_76 Composite Mode: Add

Modern Transitions PackMT1_76 Composite Mode: Screen

Modern Transitions PackMT1_76 Overlay + Rotation + Scale

Modern Transitions PackMT1_76 Color Correction

MT1_76 Scale + Rotate

MT1_76 Blur + Rotation

MT1_76 Composite Mode: Add + Color Correction

Modern Transitions PackOriginal

Modern Transitions PackMT1_03

Modern Transitions PackMT1_59 with Overlay

Modern Transitions PackMT1_02

Modern Transitions PackMT1_58

Modern Transitions PackMT1_12

MT1_01 with Screen + MT1_17




Try before you buy. Download the complete watermarked trial version of Modern Transitions Vol.1 pack by clicking on the folders below.

Note: Clips MUST be exclusively viewed and used inside an editing or compositing application.
Download full instruction details.

Modern Transitions Vol. 1 is fully compatible with the following software:


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Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates how the clips are used within an editing programme. Watch tutorial >

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