Purchase Film Fx 1, Film Fx 2, Film Leaders and Light Transitions, alpha transitions individual clips to download


Do you wish to purchase only a limited number of clips? Most of them can be downloaded individually. Preview the clips below (hover the cursor over each thumbnail) and check the box next to it to add to cart.

Note: Clips MUST be exclusively viewed and used inside an editing or compositing application.
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lucavisualfx.com All individual clips are fully compatible with FCPX

Film FX Film FX    Light Transitions 
(Except clip 30FFX and 23FFX2 which are $14)

Film Leaders 
(Except clip 16LC which is $16.95)

Film effects, light leaks, individual clip download

Film FX Select 01FFX      Film FX Select 02FFX      Film FX Select 03FFX     


Film FX Select 04FFX      Film FX Select 05FFX      Film FX Select 06FFX     


Film FX Select 07FFX      Film FX Select 08FFX      Film FX Select 09FFX     


Film FX Select 10FFX      Film FX Select 11FFX      Select 12FFX     


Film FX Select 13FFX      Film FX Select 14FFX      Film FX Select 15FFX     


Film FX Select 16FFX      Film FX Select 17FFX      Film FX Select 18FFX     


Film FX Select 19FFX      Film FX Select 20FFX      Film FX Select 21FFX     


Film FX Select 22FFX      Film FX Select 23FFX      Film FX Select 24FFX     


Film FX Select 25FFX      Film FX Select 27FFX      Film FX Select 28FFX     


Film FX Select 29FFX      Film FX Select 30FFX     
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Film FX 2, Grunge Effects, individual clip download

Film FX 2 Select 01FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 02FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 03FFX2    


Film FX 2 Select 04FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 05FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 06FFX2    


Film FX 2 Select 07FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 08FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 09FFX2    


Film FX 2 Select 10FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 11FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 12FFX2    


Film FX 2 Select 13FFX2     Select 14FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 15FFX2    


Film FX 2 Select 16FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 17FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 18FFX2    


Film FX 2 Select 19FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 20FFX2     Select 21FFX2    


Film FX 2 Select 22FFX2     Film FX 2 Select 23FFX2    
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Film Leaders, grunge effects, individual clip download

Film Leaders Select 01LC      Film Leaders Select 02LC      Film Leaders Select 03LC     


Film Leaders Select 04LC      Film Leaders Select 05LC      Film Leaders Select 06LC     


Film Leaders Select 07LC      Film Leaders Select 08LC      Film Leaders Select 09LC     


Film Leaders Select 10LC      Film Leaders Select 11LC      Film Leaders Select 12LC     


Film Leaders Select 13LC      Film Leaders Select 14LC      Select 15LC     


Film Leaders Select 16LC     
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Light Transitions, Film Effects, individual clip download

Light Transitions Select 02LT      Light Transitions Select 03LT      Light Transitions Select 05LT     


Light Transitions Select 06LT      Light Transitions Select 07LT      Light Transitions Select 08LT     


Light Transitions Select 10LT      Light Transitions Select 13LT      Light Transitions Select 17LT     


Select 18LT      Light Transitions Select 20LT      Light Transitions Select 21LT     


Light Transitions Select 22LT      Light Transitions Select 25LT      Light Transitions Select 26LT     


Light Transitions Select 29LT      Light Transitions Select 31LT      Light Transitions Select 33LT     


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