What are Luca's Transitions?

They are film and light effects such as "camera light leak" and other stylish light effects created from scratch in order to provide editors with useful and affordable drag and drop, short "single clip" light effects to be placed over an edit point.

The clips are in Animation codec and come with a handy active alpha channel. This means that using Composite Modes like Screen or Add is an option that does affect the look of the transition but is not necessarily required. A number of light leak effects may work best with a Composite Mode selected.


What kind of light effects are they?

Luca's Light Transitions are divided in 2 packs:

Film FX Transitions pack.

Film Effects transitions pack provides 30 clips reproducing either individually or combined a number of film effects most of which camera light leaks: the effect of light leaking inside a film camera and/or the negative being, somehow, exposed to light. The effects have been designed bearing in mind that outcomes from such occurrence are innumerable but that certain camera light leak "looks" are generally preferable as a light leak transition effect. Other transitions include old countdown and multilayered old scratched film effects. A good number of these clips have been designed to be used modularly.

Light Transitions pack.

Light Transitions pack includes a selection of freely interpreted light transitions coming in a variety of shape, color and length that offer alternative solutions to standard transition effects. Whether you need a stylish, quick and simple alternative transition (i.e. light transition 08) or a more colourful and complex one (i.e. light transition 31) you can choose among 33 different effects and modify them in many ways.

All clips are 1920x1080 frame size.


How to put Luca's Transitions into action?

Step1: Download the clips and place them in your preferred drive and folder.

Step2: Within your NLE or compositing application import the desired clip/s as you would any other clip (Please watch video tutorial on www.lucavisualfx.com).

Step3: From the Browser drag and drop your light transition into the timeline right on top of your selected edit point. For example, if you have your video clips in V1 drop Luca's light transition on V2 right above a cut (See Pic. 01). Then shift/reposition the transition clip to achieve the desired result.

Step4: Render, preview the transition and customize it as you wish: You can resize, rotate, crop, modify opacity of the transitions. Use a composite mode like Screen or Add or compose modularly your desired effect using two of more of them by overlapping them and/or putting them in sequence. You can also apply speed change* (For more info see paragraph 3.0).

Note: Despite these clips were designed for use as transitions you can also use some of them as a quick light leak effect over a clip. All clips are less than 2 seconds long except Camera Light Leak n.30, which includes several effects and is over 4 seconds.


What are the OS and Software minimum requirements?

Luca's Light Transitions are delivered to you in Animation codec. Most NLE and compositing applications support Animation codec. For this reason they are generally compatible with both Mac and Pc and with software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid, After Effects, Motion etc. If you have a significantly old version of a NLE or compositing application download the demo samples to test them first.

For example tests on Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 were successful. However, really old versions like Adobe Premiere 6.0 are not recommended.


Can I customize Luca's Transitions?

Absolutely, it is entirely up to you how you can modify the final look of the transition. The most common options are:

  • -Apply composite modes like " screen".
  • -Modify Size, Position, Opacity etc. Using the Motion Tab controls.
  • -Apply filters to modify color, texture, shape etc.
  • -Apply slight Speed changes to modify the clip's length.
  • -Use more than one clip to produce a more complex effects. This is particularly recommended with Luca's Camera Light Leak Transitions.

One of the advantages of using the clips as transition is that the affected outgoing and incoming clips do not need extra handles*. By repositioning the clip transition in the timeline you can decide when and how the effect starts and end. By cutting and keeping a few frames of it you can also make the effect look like very rapid light leak fx.

Important note: Some of the light leak clips have richer and more dramatic, complex textures while others are simpler. This is to allow you to use the latter type as possible additional layers in a modularly combined group of light leak fx.


Do I need to render the clips once they are in the timeline?

Yes, however, tests have been showing that rendering takes very little time (Usually a few seconds in both Mac and PC environment). Speed obviously depends on many factors such as machine specs, RAM, number of applications running at the same time, hard drive configuration etc.


Why does the clips look completely different when played in QuickTime or other players?

Don't worry, that is absolutely normal!

These clips were exported with a straight alpha channel to best preserve transparency and have been created exclusively for use inside an editing or compositing application such as Premiere Pro, FCP, Motion etc.


I am having trouble downloading/unzipping my purchase, what should I do?

We recommend using Firefox for downloading your purchase. However, in the rare instance you are still experiencing difficulties with downloading/unzipping your files, please contact us with your order number at support@lucavisualfx.com and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.


I need an effect but I can not find exactly what I am looking for, do you provide a 'made to order' service?

Yes we do. Visit our 'On Demand' page for more details on how to get the effect you need for your project.

  30 clips reproducing a variety of film effects.
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