Film effects pack 1.0

Film Effects transitions pack 1.0 provides 30 clips reproducing either individually or combined a number of film effects and film flash most of which are generally called camera light leaks: the effect of light leaking inside a film camera and/or the negative being, somehow, exposed to light.

The effects have been designed bearing in mind that outcomes from such occurrence are innumerable but that certain camera light leak "looks" are generally preferable as a light leak transition effect. Other transitions include old countdown and multilayered old scratched film effects. A good number of these clips have been designed to be used modularly. They can be purchased as a bundle or individually.
Go to the individual download pages for a quick preview.

Note: Clips MUST be exclusively viewed and used inside an editing or compositing application. Download full instruction details.

Film FX Transitions 1.0 is fully compatible with the following softwares:

Only $49.00

  Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates how the clips are used within an editing programme. Watch tutorial >


Demo clips Download 3 demo clips to test them within your application (Do NOT preview the clips in QT). Please note that these demo clips are watermarked.
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Light transitions pack 1.0Save money with Film Effects and LVFX Bundles
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