Film effects pack 2.0
Film FX 2 grunge film fx

Film FX Transitions Pack 2.0 continues where Film FX Transitions Pack 1.0 left off, providing 23 unique grungier film effects, including more light leaks, film flash, film burns, scratches and dirt. With this new release we are also introducing new leaders and old film textures. For the first time we are offering unparalleled natural-like 'scratch on film' transitions, purposely manipulated to create striking edge wipe effects with a retro touch. Please take a look at this short demo to see just some possible edge wipe transitions* obtainable by using clip FFX2.0_23.

This new release includes longer and even more flexible effects, allowing the user to select either a portion or the full length of a given transition.

These clips have been designed to give your project texture and originality in an otherwise too perfect and sometimes clinical outcome. They may be used independently on the timeline or stacked several on top of each other to create a variety of effects. We strongly recommend using 'ADD' or 'SCREEN'' composite modes for best results.


FFX2.0 Effect        FFX2.0 Effect        FFX2.0 Effect


Please watch the FFX2.0 demo and the tutorial to get an idea of some of the looks acheivable with Film FX Transitions 2.0.

*In oder to achieve these type of transitions, it must be used with one of the following effects; 4 or 8 point garbage matte, crop tool of the editing or compositing application used, edge wipe transition (commonly present in most editing and compositing software) or matte filter.

Note: Clips MUST be exclusively viewed and used inside an editing or compositing application.
Download full instruction details.

Film FX Transitions 2.0 is fully compatible with the following softwares:

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  Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates how the clips are used within an editing programme. Watch tutorial >


Demo clips Download 3 demo clips to test them within your application (Do NOT preview the clips in QT). Please note that these demo clips are watermarked.
Download ZIP >

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