Film Leaders
Film Leaders

Leaders Collection 1.0 pack offers 16 brand new leaders delivered as “clip ready” media in Animation codec. Each leader features a variety of effects including dirt, splotches, scratches, light leaks, film flash, countdown and much more. It is important to note that despite they can be used as leaders in a traditional manner they can also be customized by using Composite Modes like Overlay, Screen or many others, effects, speed change, masks etc in order to create more idiosyncratic and original, modern looks, the demo shows a few examples. A preview of each leader is available on our Individual Downloads page. These leaders can be purchased as a bundle or individually. 


Customize a leader with your own of charge!

By purchasing Leaders Collection 1.0, you will be eligible to take advantage of an exclusive offer. Luca Visual FX is in fact offering to all of those who buy Leaders individually or as a pack the opportunity to modify/change the text of one leader of your choice. You may choose to use your company name for a video presentation or a song title for a music video, the possibilities are endless. Simply email us for more information or if you have any questions. 


A new plugin-solution to Leaders is now available for those who wish to have full control of a film leader creation. Compatible only with Motion 3/4/5, After Effects and FCP 6/7 and 10. Click here to find out more.


Special thank you to Karen Palmer, Director of Playground, for the parkour video featured in the demo. Also many thanks to Mark Gostick, DoP for the rest of the scenes used in "Leaders" demo.


Note: Clips MUST be exclusively viewed and used inside an editing or compositing application.
Download full instruction details.

Leaders Collection 1.0 is fully compatible with the following softwares:

Only $65.00

  Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates how the clips are used within an editing programme. Watch tutorial >


Demo clips Download 3 demo clips to test them within your application (Do NOT preview the clips in QT). Please note that these demo clips are watermarked.
Download ZIP >

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