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Enabling you to completely customize mographs for science programs, music videos, promos, corporate videos, documentaries, TV & news and a lot more. Featuring Displays, Fractals, Lower Thirds and Sci-Fi Mographs templates. It also includes two Sport themed templates as a free bonus! Read the review here on

For Mac compatible with:
Powered by FxFactory
Compatible with Final Cut Pro X (For a solution for all hosts and PC users, click here)

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Score Board Futuristic Screen Glass Monitor - Front On Glass Monitor - Side Liquid Screen TV Monitor Color Blast Default Dotted Tunnel Script Circular Screen Default Holograms Facing Left Front On Holographic Objects Oval Screen Round Corners Chemical Combat Default Lower Thirds Simple Straight Hi-Tech Screen Hi-Tech Vignette Hi-Tech Overlay Lower Third BG On Screen Motion Graphics Planet Earth Planetarium Through Sci-Fi Visor Highlights
Sport - Score Board

Sport - Score Board

A highly customizable template that enables the user to effectively frame the action while providing score results, team names, players number and so on.

Hi-Tech Sport Score Board

System requirement

FCP X 10.0.8 or above, Mac OSX 10.7 or above, FxFactory 4.1 or above, a graphics card of at least 1GB is strongly recommended.