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Light Kit 2.0 Tutorial

System Specifications & Requirements

MacOS Sierra and MacOS High Sierra version 10.12 and 10.13 running FxFactory 7.0. Compatible software: Final Cut Pro version 10.2 and above, Motion version 5.2 and above, After Effects CC 2015, CC 2017 and CC 2018 version 13.5 and above, Premiere Pro CC 2015, CC 2017 and CC 2018 version 10 and above.

FxFactory requires ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics. A graphics card with at least 512MB of VRAM is highly recommended. For more infromation on compatiblity, please visit Noise Indistries Support page.

* PSE WARNING: Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2.0 includes plugins used to create flashing/flickering lights. Please consult your doctor before using Light Flicker, Light Pulse and Multicolor Gradient plug-ins if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy or have experienced any of the following symptoms whilst using the product; altered vision, muscle twitching, other involuntary movement, loss of awareness, confusion and or convulsions. Please consider the risk of Photosensitive epilepsy when using this product to create videos viewed by others. Ofcom.pdf.

Light Kit 2.0 Tutorial

Light Kit 2.0

Light Kit 2.0 includes 7 new plugins (double the number of effects offered by Light Kit 1.0); Blinks, Color Bands, Color Boost, Night-Time, Retro Color Shader, Stylized Lume and Temperature as well as the 9 original plugins (7 effects and 2 transitions) most of which reproduce a specific type of light effect such as flickering, regional, burn and flashing light....Click here to find out more.


For Mac, compatible with:

Compatible with Final Cut Pro X Motion 5 Compatible with After Effects Compatible withPremiere Pro

Experience all the features of Light Kit 2.0 for $ 59.00. ($29 for existing Light Kit 1.0 owners, contact us for more details).

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