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Mystery & Suspense Music Themes and Sound Effects

Mystery & Suspense

Music and Sound Library

Developed specifically (but not exclusively) for video editors and video makers, Mystery & Suspense is an extensive music library covering more than 500 music themes, atmospheres and SFX. The pack is designed to add unique and striking music and sounds to thrillers, dramas, and horror productions as well as documentaries, news, viral videos and much more. If you are looking for unconventional, innovative music and sound effects, look no further, Mystery & Sound pack is so versatile you can even combine elements to create your own scores, all it takes is a bit of creativity!

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This huge music library covers many music styles, including classical. It is divided in 12 categories: Atmospheres & Themes, Background Bases, Crescendo, Deep & Dark, Experimental & Dissonant, Intro, End & Transitional Sounds, Noise, Rhythmic, SFX, Space Sounds, Suspence, Themes, Vox. Many of these categories also contain extra subcategories providing a large variety of audio elements and loops. All tracks and SFX were created by Luca Bonomo. The files are delivered in uncompressed AIF format 24bit - 96000 Hz. Universally compatible.



Best viewed on Google Chrome or Firefox, listening with headphones strongly recommended.

Technica Specifications

All files are uncompressed .aif, 24bit 96kHz. Compatible with any software on both Mac and PC.

Terms of Use

Each copy of Mystery & Suspense Music and Sound Library can be used only by one user on one laptop and one desktop. The content of this product can be used for any type of video and audio productions, including for commercial purposes. Sharing this audio library with other users is strictly prohibited, we may require compensation from anyone who uses this music library without a valid licence. Please note that we may monitor the use of our music content on social media and web site and will contact you if we don't find a record of your purchase. For any question regarding copyright and use of Mystery and Suspense Music and Sound Library please email us here.