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To learn about alpha transitions and what they are please click here, for a review on alpha transitions please click here otherwise select an icon below to find out more about each product... Student discounts available, contact us for more information.

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Grunge Monochrome Alpha Transitions

Grunge Monochrome

Alpha Transitions

22 freely interpreted animated monochrome transitions coming in a variety of shapes, textures and lengths with transparency already in place. These offer an alternative solution to Grunge FX Generator and come with a total of 10 extra grunge effect, giving the user plenty of choice... Read the NLE Ninja review here.

Save up to 30% by purchasing Grunge Monochrome as a bundle:

Grunge Alpha Transitions LVFX Platinum

For Mac & PC compatible with:

Compatible with Final Cut Pro X Compatible with Sony Vegas Compatible with Motion 5 Compatible with After Effects Compatible with Premiere Pro Compatible with Avid Compatible with Resolve

Now also accessible 24/7. Download the free watermarked clips or experience Grunge Monochrome Alpha Transitions for only $30.00

*Download links will be emailed to you, if you have not received it in your inbox, please check your spam folder, links expire after 24 hours. **Clips MUST be exclusively viewed and used inside an editing or compositing application, see manual for more details. ***Grunge Monochrome Alpha Transitions Library is accessible with the purchase of LVFX Platinum.


Grunge Monochrome Alpha Transitions and Grunge Multicolored Alpha Transitions each include 22 freely interpreted animated transitions coming in a variety of shapes, colors, textures and lengths with transparency already in place. These offer an alternative solution to Grunge FX Generator and come with a total of 10 extra grunge effect, giving the user plenty of choice to select and customize (i.e. with filters and motion controls) the right effect for a given project. They represent an ideal solution for all PC USERS and for those who prefer to opt for an alpha transition solution as opposed to a plug-ins one.

These clips have been designed to give your project texture and originality in an otherwise too perfect and sometimes clinical outcome. They may be used independently on the timeline or stacked several on top of each other to create a variety of effects. To find out how our alpha transitions can be used inside a software, please watch our tutorial on the right.

How to use alpha transitions & overlays

* This tutorial demonstrates how the clips are used within an editing programme.

Grunge Monochrome Alpha Transitions

Numerous looks can be created from using just one clip and different composite modes, scale, rotation and color correction. Many of the effects achievable by our Grunge FX Generator can also be produced with our Grunge Alpha Transitions. Please watch the demo to get an idea of some of the looks achievable.


Click on the thumbnails below to get a preview of each Grunge Monochrome Alpha Transition clip. Clips are low resolution and should only be viewed as a sample, please download the demo clips to get a better idea of the quality.

GMonoAT1 01
GMonoAT1 02
GMonoAT1 03
GMonoAT1 04
GMonoAT1 05
GMonoAT1 06
GMonoAT1 07
GMonoAT1 08
GMonoAT1 09
GMonoAT1 10
GMonoAT1 11
GMonoAT1 12
GMonoAT1 13
GMonoAT1 14
GMonoAT1 15
GMonoAT1 16
GMonoAT1 17
GMonoAT1 18
GMonoAT1 19
GMonoAT1 20
GMonoAT1 21
GMonoAT1 22

System requirement

Compatible with all versions from 2009 onwards of After Effect, Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer, FCP 6/7 and X, Motion, Resolve on PC and Mac.