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Luca Visual FX builds Mystery & Suspense

For most editors, creating custom music scores tends to fall into the “above my pay grade” category. If you are a whizz with GarageBand or Logic Pro X, then you might dip into Apple’s loop resources. But most commercials and corporate videos are easily serviced by the myriad of stock music sites … read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Releases Mystery and Suspense Sound Library

I’ve composed over half of the music used to demo Luca Visual Fx plugins and overlays. On several occasions LVFX was asked to either make the tracks available for purchase or create a new free royalty pack available to editors and video-makers. … read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Releases Dual Glitch Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

Analogue and digital glitches are effects widely used as momentary stylised transitions, visual elements designed to enhance a dramatic scene or to merely emulate corrupted footage. … read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2.0

With Light Kit 2.0, 7 new plugins have been added to the kit which will be mainstays for video editors and motion graphic artists alike. … read more >>>

Product Review: Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2

It seems to be a tenet of modern video production that we spend all this time on set worrying about lighting and lenses, framing and focus to create stunning images – only to then spend yet more time in post degrading the look – all in the name of “artistic creativity.” … read more >>>


Luca Visual FX has released an FxFactory plug-in that enables you to use random rows and walls of text morphing into words you define. It offers 18 title effects for you to play with. Random to Custom Text installs under the Titles tab in Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2. … read more >>>

Ajouter de l’aléatoire avec vos titrages dans FCPX !

Random to Custom text est un nouveau plugin de la société Luca Visual FX pour Final Cut Pro X. Ce dernier dispose de 18 modèles qui ont pour thème le texte aléatoire. Comme vous pouvez le visualiser avec la vidéo ci dessus… read more >>>

Light Leaks plugin used in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of TV’s most addictive shows, despite the violence and gore. The deep story arcs, character development, the elegant visuals, the twists and turns have kept viewers hooked for 6 seasons so far… read more >>>

In Depth: Light Leaks and Lens Whacking

Light leaks used to be caused by camera damage but now it’s a stylistic look. I’ll give you some cool examples of these optical lighting artifacts, and I’ll go over some plug-ins and stock elements to give your footage a light leak look… read more >>>

Light Up Your Backgrounds with “Spectrum”

In this short excerpt from that webinar, Larry presents Spectrum, a plugin developed by Luca Visual FX that provides endlessly fascinating visual… Watch the review >>>

Mix Things Up with Luca Visual FX’s “Shuffle”

In this short excerpt from that webinar, Larry presents Shuffle, a plugin developed by Luca Visual FX featuring ten templates that create dynamic image shuffle transitions… Watch the review >>>

Product Review: Luca Visual FX ‘Spectrum’

Built on the solid FX Factory platform, Spectrum, from Luca Visual FX, provides endlessly fascinating visual backgrounds and transitions for Final Cut Pro X… read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Backgrounds & Overlays

The team at Luca Visual FX has brought another product to the market which will benefit professionals across Mac and PC platforms… read more >>>

FxFactory introduces the Luca Visual FX Shuffle transition plug-in for FCP X

The Cross Dissolve transition may be the most commonly used but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any that are more exciting and fun. FxFactory seems to think so, anyway, and it promptly… read more >>>

Luca Visual FX lance Spectrum – Effets de lumières!

Spectrum est un générateur d’effets de lumières et de couleurs qui peuvent vous servir à différentes choses comme la création d’arrière plan, de transitions, de textures pour des titres… read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Hi-Tech Overlays

The team of Luca Visual FX have been working hard to bring a new product in the market that will benefit post production professionals across Mac and PC computers… read more >>>

Review: Luca Visual FX Hi-Tech Final Cut Pro X plugins

Hi-Tech from Luca Visual FX is a plugin pack that makes complex well-designed motion graphics quick and straightforward to apply to Final Cut Pro X projects…. read more >>>

Stocking Stuffers 2013

I’ve mentioned Luca Visual FX a few times in my past reviews. Luca VFX is a great resource for grunge and distress looks. Some new filters and transitions include…. read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Hi-Tech Templates

With the release of a new collection of plugins known as Hi-Tech, Luca Visual FX becomes the leading plugin developer to offer totally customisable mographs for FCPX. Being this a collection…. read more >>>

VFX Effects for Video Editors: Hands on with Luca Visual FX

In this post we get our hands dirty with Luca Visual FX, special effects and filters for video editors. See how to use these VFX in your editing projects! Luca Visual FX is a London based visual effects…. read more >>>

DIY Monday: FCPX Plugins and App Roundup

…I really like the Luca packages because they avoid the cheese factor. All of their stuff is slick and well designed. read more >>>

Two new plugins for FCPX XOverlays from Luca Visual FX and Shape Pop from Stupid Raisins

…there are many controls to tweak the animations and many feature image wells to add your own graphic into the mix. read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Alpha Transitions

Years ago, if you wanted to buy high quality motion graphics such as light leaks, film leaders, countdowns and other film effects you were limited to the royalty free site…. read more >>>

Adobe: 5 Editing Tips for Music Videos

Some of the BEST After Effects Plug-Ins: Inside After Effects, I used Luca Visual FX to help move the cut along and emphasize visual moments in the cut based on the music and my edits. I only had 38 minutes… read more >>>

Luca Visual FX release a $49 pack of Final Cut Pro X transitions called Impackt

We love new plugins for Final Cut Pro X as it shows the ecosystem around it is alive and growing. Just before the festive period starts…. read more >>>

Stocking Stuffers for 2012

The holidays are here and it’s time to look at some ideas for that virtual stocking hung by the visual effects fireplace. Here are a few suggestions…. read more >>>

Review de Film Leaders de Luca Visual FX

En este review platicamos acerca de un generador de leaders de Luca Visual FX que funciona sobre la plataforma de FX Factory que opera como pluggins en Adobe After Effects…. read more >>>

Plug-Ins Update: The Latest for FCPX, CS6 and More

The plug-in ecoverse has certainly expanded in the past several months with two major NLE upgrades from Adobe and Apple. According to Adobe…. read more >>>

Software Review: Light Kit 1.0

I must say, this plugin is a total pleasure to work with. Noted videographer Luca Bonomo has created a gem of tool that is long…. read more >>>

Appletell reviews Luca Light Kit for Mac OS X

In terms of playing with color, Luca Light Kit is the big box of crayons. The really big box. Taped together with a magic marker set. An effects set for…. read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Announces Film FX 2.0

Film FX Transitions Pack 2.0 provides 23 unique “grungier” film effects, including more light leaks, film burns, scratches and dirt…. read more >>>

Useful Tools for Editors: Luca Visual FX

One relatively common though quite cool visual effect you might see floating around is the filmic-style grunge, scratches, edge fog and light leaks. These looks are often used for transitions…. read more >>>

REVIEW: Luca Visual FX Film Leaders

Luca Visual FX has a treat for anyone with a throwback style. I absolutely love this video generator. The effect is a damaged film leader, why you would use it? Perfect to start a music video…. read more >>>

Luca FilmFX & Light Transitions

Luca Visual FX is a new company that has simplified the entire process by developing their own Film and Light transitions that are easily applied and may be modified to taste. The Film Transition package comes with…. read more >>>

FCP X tools, Part 4 – distress effects

You spend good money to shoot gorgeous footage and people go out of their way to make it look worse! I’m kidding, of course, but adding grunge and distress effects is all the rage. Every package of filters includes its share of aged film, TV interference…. read more >>>

Final Cut Pro X Redux: What Editors Can Accomplish with Apple’s Updated Software

Luca’s Grunge Collection includes Grunge Effects, Film Leaders, Sprocket Slip and Light Leaks. These show up inside FCP X as filters, generators and transitions…. read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Film and Light Transitions

There are a number of effects that fall into the “grunge” or “distressed” category, including film grain, scratches and film defects, TV scanlines and light leaks. The last group is typically only available from stock footage…. read more >>>

Premiumbeat Giveaway! Alpha Grunge Transitions

For the last few years, Luca and his team have been busy creating high quality vintage and grunge video effects. Their newest product, Grunge Alpha Transitions, allows you to…. read more >>>

Luca Visual FX Brings Grunge Collection to FCP X, Motion and AE

[] Boston, Massachusetts – Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, is pleased to welcome the latest collection of Luca Visual FX plug-ins…. read more >>>

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