In this section you’ll find transitions either for Final Cut Pro X only or compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion 5 as well as Final Cut Pro X. In the list you’ll find some absolutely unique products, especially those with extensive customization options (Sprocket Slip, Dual Glitch, Shuffle etc.). Have a look.

  • Shuffle 1.1

    A set of 14 templates enabling you to create dynamic image shuffle transitions in an instant! Animate your clips or images by making them slide, zoom or even randomly move accross.

    $49.00 $39.20
  • Sprocket Slip Transition

    Sprockets Slip makes recreating the effect of a sudden slip of the rolling film and revealing the loose perferations easy. With a whole host of presets…

    $34.00 $27.20
  • Dual Glitch

    A new plugin for Final Cut Pro X designed to add customisable digital and analogue glitches to your footage. Featuring 2 modes to create a huge variety of distortion effects …

    $57.00 $45.60
  • Spectrum

    A bundle of 2 very customisable generators for all hosts supported by FxFactory designed to create stylized light and color effects. Light Effect Generator can be used …

    $89.00 $59.00
  • Film Leaders 2.0

    powerful plug-in allowing the user to seemingly adjust most aspect of this unique effect. By controlling the different parameters, you choose…

    $89.00 $71.20
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