Free + Almost free plugins for FCP X

Free + Almost free plugins for FCP X

Free + Very low-priced plugins for FCP X
A selection of free and affordable plug-ins compatible with Final Cut Pro X. Check out the demo for each plug-in to see their potential or download them and have a go!

  • Old Movie Card

    A versatile silent movie card generator for Final Cut Pro X that can be customized in many ways.

  • Simple Progress Bar

    This is a nice animated progress bar for Final Cut Pro X that can be customized in many ways.

  • Glitchy Vignette Effect

    This cool vignette effect for Final Cut Pro X comes with a host of parameters to customize. Create glitchy vignette effects to your heart’s content. 

  • Wall Water Reflection Effect

    Simulate the gentle movement of reflections on the surface of water with Wall Water Reflection for Final Cut Pro X.

  • Bars Wipe Mask Effect

    With a wide variety of parameters to play with, this simple yet powerful effect will make other bar wipe effects look amature. Create a basic bar wipe by dragging and dropping the effect on a single clip or layer multiple clips with this effect applied to achieve a dymamic montage for your project.

  • Localized Luma Glow Effect

    With Localized Luma Glow, easily and effectively make specific areas of your video illuminate.

  • Old TV Screen Effect

    Quickly and easily create the look of an old CRT monitor screen, widescreen Tv or any other type of monitor you can think of. Comes with reflections for authenticity.

  • Glass Reflections Effect

    Simulate the effect of glass reflections with this free plugin for Final Curt Pro X. Reflections available include Convex Glass, Widescreen, Window, Curved and more

  • Custom Bokeh Effect

    Create a beautiful bokeh effect with this very affordable Final Cut Pro X plug-in. Choose from the 5 included Foregrounds or select Custom to apply your own.

  • Aperture Grille Effect

    Create the effect of vertically stretched wires found down the inside of a CRT monitor with this simple yet effective plug-in.

  • Random Text Generator

    This free plug-in for Final Cut Pro X will generate motion graphics using random text or symbols.

  • Highlights Quake

    A stylization tool to apply a quake effect on the bright areas of a footage. Particularly useful for music videos.

  • Versatile Crop

    This free plug-in for FCPX enables the user to easily crop footage from all four corners of the screen, add feather to the edge, scale, rotate and reposition the cropped area.

  • Highlights Tint

    This plug-in enables the user to add a tint of color only to the highlights on a footage with a few simple parameters.

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