Video Walls 3.0 For Final Cut Pro

This new version of Video Walls includes a total of 24 templates. 9 of which are brand new effects. Video Walls 3.0 offers to the user the ability to build multi-displays in 3D space. The plugin comes with a huge array of fantastic features ranging from videoconferencing effects, which include fully customizable software interfaces, to infinite ways of building and animate video walls of any shape, number of panels (modules) and style. You can download a free trial and test its potential before you buy it.    

For Mac compatible with:
Compatible with Final Cut Pro

Powered by FxFactory  

Experience all the features of Video Walls by downloading the free trial or buy it now for $ 49


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9 New 3D Effects - Video Walls 3.0 DEMO

Video Walls 3.0 TUTORIAL

Video Walls 2.0 Demo - 15 Powerful Generators

NEW Tutorial by Kes Akalaonu aka NLE_Nindja

Credits: Thanks to and its community of videographers for many of the clips used in the demo

FCP X 10.4.8 or above, Mac OSX 10.11 or above, FxFactory 7.1.9 or above, a graphics card of at least 1GB is strongly recommended.