Introducing a brand new pack of templates for FCPX, which includes 12 new effects and 7 generators designed for music video, promos, sport, travel, news, corporate productions and more. Use this collection of visual effects to add unique looks and creative stylization that can be extensively customized. Try them out now!

For Mac compatible with:
Compatible with Final Cut Pro

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12 templates that allow a variety of effects including the overlaying of customizable mographs, custom footage with luma keyed out, multicolor gradients, a magnifier, complex masks and more.

Effects Templates for Final Cut Pro X


An effect with 8 styles to choose from which reveals an image or logo with animated bars.


7 more templates that generate catching compositions of graphics or layered custom images. Create effects like image fragmentation, overlapping and combination or quick and easy keyframable animated motion graphics that enhance the style of your edit.

Generators Templates for Final Cut Pro X

Circle + Ring

Apply 2 images or footage on top of any background and animate the direction of the spheres with this generator.

Mac OS X 10.10 or above, FxFactory 5.0.6 or above, Final Cut Pro X 10. 2 a graphics card of at least 1GB is strongly recommended.