Backgrounds & Overlays

We always strive to provide plugins that other developers don’t. This is surely the case of our great Progress Bars, VJ Tools and Spectrum plugins just to mention some. If you need spectacular backgrounds & visuals or powerful animated infographics look no farther. Find out by yourself by reading more about each plugin below.

  • Highlighter Callouts

    Fully customizable and trackable highlighter callouts.

  • Auto-Underlined Text

    Automatically generated and stylized text underline, background and speech bubble.

  • LVFX Complete Bundle

    A complete set of tools that will enable editors access to an abundance of plugins when they need them most.

  • 3D Laptop & Flyovers

    A set of 9 templates for creating animated 3D laptop flyovers, video conferences and more.

  • Image Fragments

    Image Fragments is a set of 6 templates that allow to split a single clip in animated image fragments.

  • Progress Bars For FCP X

    This new pack of generators provide a wide variety of progress, loading, processing, playing bars and rings as well as hi-tech and other mographs to creatively add to your project…


  • VJ Tools for Final Cut Pro

    Here’s a brand new plugin for FCPX allowing the user to create and customize an enormous variety of motion graphics to edit against any type of music.

  • XOverlays

    Offering a wealth of stylish and extremely customizable motion graphics to use as overlay on a great variety of projects…

  • Hi-Tech

    Enabling you to completely customize mographs for music videos, promos, corporate videos, documentaries, TV and news and a lot more. Featuring Displays, Fractals, Lower Thirds…

  • Spectrum

    A bundle of 2 very customisable generators for all hosts supported by FxFactory designed to create stylized light and color effects. Light Effect Generator can be used …