Auto-Underlined Text

There are two overall types of effects offered by this new product, they both come with lots of variations.  Automatic Underlined Text, which you can use for animated titles. The “automatic” means the underline automatically sizes with the text as you edit it. The second is Automatic Text Background , where the background automatically sizes with the text you add. Auto-Underlined Text plugin is ideal for titles, subtitles, description text, slogans, viral videos, demos and more. The plugin includes a customizable speech bubble preset too.    
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Auto-Underlined Text Demo

Thanks to videographers for some of the footage used in the demo.


macOS Monterey  version 11.15.1, Final Cut Pro X 11.6 and latest FxFactory version. AMD, ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics and a graphics card with at least 1GB of VRAM is highly recommended. (Free FxFactory Download:

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