Trailing Text

This new Title plugin for Final Cut Pro allows the user to add customizable trailing effects to the text. It offers three main styles: Stepping, Smooth and Blurred trails. Each one has its unique look and can be further customized thanks to the generous number of published parameters. Trailing Text includes 26 templates, most of which come with additional features such as Glow, Trail Color and Outline. Download it and try it out! Online PDF with most relevant instructions available HERE    
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Trailing Text for Final Cut Pro - Demo

Thanks to videographers for some of the footage used in the demo.

macOS Monterey  version 11.15.1, Final Cut Pro X 11.6 and latest FxFactory version. AMD, ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics and a graphics card with at least 1GB of VRAM is highly recommended. (Free FxFactory Download: