Light Transitions & Effects

When Luca Visual Fx came to life some of these were our first products. They became so successful we had to release several volumes over the years. Compatible with any software on both PC & Mac they remain some of the best Light and Light Leak Transitions in the market (used in productions such as The Walking Dead series, Solomon Kane (the feature film)  marketing videos, BBC documentaries and more.)

  • Light Transitions Pack 1.0

    A selection of freely interpreted transitions coming in a variety of shape, color and length that offer alternative solutions to standard transition effects…

  • Light Transitions Pack 2.0

    A versatile collection of leaders and old film textures offering unparalleled natural-like ‘scratch on film’ transitions, purposely manipulated to create striking edge wipe effects with a retro touch….

  • Light Transitions Pack 4.0 (4K)

    Following the great success of Light Transitions pack 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 here’s a selection of brand new combinable light transitions in 4K resolution..

  • Light Transitions Pack 3.0 (4K)

    Following the great success of Light Transitions pack 1.0 and 2.0 here’s a selection of brand new combinable light transitions, for the first time in 4K resolution..

  • Backgrounds & Overlays

    A vast collection of dynamic motion graphic clips designed to be used as backgrounds and/or overlays for a variety of projects…

  • Film Fx Transitions Pack 1.0

    30 clips reproducing either individually or combined a number of film effects and film flash most of which are generally called camera light leaks: the effect of light leaking inside…

  • Modern Transitions Vol 1

    86 freely interpreted transitions inspired by geometric and light forms as well as art movements such as Suprematism and abstract experimentation. Ideal for adding a contemporary look to any given…