Backgrounds & Overlays

A vast collection of dynamic motion graphic clips designed to be used as backgrounds and/or overlays for a variety of projects. Scroll down to preview the contents of this pack. Read the NLE Ninja review here.
Compatible with Adobe After EffectsCompatible with Adobe Premiere ProCompatible with AvidCompatible with Final Cut ProCompatible with Motion 5Compatible with ResoveCompatible with Sony Vegas


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This versatile pack of Backgrounds & Overlays, delivered in Full HD, is an indispensable addition to any editors library. Fully customizable using the host’s blend modes, speed change, scalae, crop and any desired third party or built in effects. They may suit a wide variety of productions including promos, VJing, sport, music, news, corporate, creative videos and more.

Import them into your project library, if you wish to create a background for text, logos, mographs or scaled-down video clips drop them in the timeline underneath the selected media. However if you wish to create overlaying subtle effects on top of your videos drop them on top of the desired clip and select blend modes to find your favourite look.

Please note that stacking several instances of Backgrounds & Overlays allows the creation of complex and beautiful effects by simply using blend modes. Use effects such as blurring and distorting fx to maximise your customization.



Click on the thumbnails below to get a preview of each Fim FX 1.0 clip. Clips are low resolution and should only be viewed as a sample, please download the demo clips to get a better idea of the quality.

Compatible with a whole host of software including all versions from 2009 onwards of After Effect, Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer, FCP X, Motion 5 and DaVinci Resolve.