VJ Textures 4K

Developed to be used with any editing and compositing software on both PCs & Macs, VJ Textures 4K delivers a wide variety of animated motion graphics in the form of ready to use clips. With a whopping 30 seconds in length each clip was carefully designed to be played against music in many types of projects. Scroll down to find out more and to watch the demo.

For Mac & PC compatible with:
Compatible with Adobe After EffectsCompatible with Adobe Premiere ProCompatible with AvidCompatible with Final Cut ProCompatible with Motion 5Compatible with ResoveCompatible with Sony Vegas

Download the free watermarked clips or experience VJ Textures 4K for only $35


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VJ Textures 4K is a collection of indispensable motion graphic clips designed to be played and mixed with music for gigs and a variety of events as well as music videos, docs etc. Each 30 second clip can be easily customized and modified using your software’s built-in video controls (Scale, Rotate, Opacity, Blend Modes or Speed Change, Effects) to create an individual style. Play these clips individually, mix them up, or fade them in…

Supplied in 4K, these motion graphic footages can be projected on to large surfaces without loosing quality or used as backgrounds and overlays for a variety of projects. The collection includes tunnels, abstract waves, geometric shapes, color blocks and more. Scroll down and watch the demo below to see the full potential of VJ Textures 4K…

* This tutorial demonstrates how the clips are used within an editing programme.

VJ Textures 4K Samples

Compatible with a whole host of software including all versions from 2009 onwards of After Effect, Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer, FCP X, Motion 5 and DaVinci Resolve.