Hi-Tech Overlays

30% OFF until 8th of August! A vast library of motion graphics elements for Pc and Mac designed to add stylish high tech mographs as overlays to a great variety of projects. Accessible 24/7, you only download what you want when you want! Take a look at our tutorials 1, 2, 3 and 4 to see how by combining the different elements you can create stylish hi-tech looks. Read the NLE Ninja review here.    

Experience Hi-Tech Overlays with a life time licence* for only $19.95


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This unique pack includes tons of motion graphic elements that the user can customise and combine at will. Compatible with both PC and Mac and applications like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, FCP 6/7 and Resolve, this pack represent a perfect alternative to our popular Hi-Tech plugins for FCPX. The user can resize, rotate, crop, modify opacity, use composite modes, apply effects and most importantly combine every single layer.

We recommend that Final Cut Pro X users try out our plug-in solution, please view the Hi-Tech Demo here.

Unleash your creativity and stun your clients with Hi-Tech Overlays. This collection also includes High Tech Elements Vol. 1 located on the far right tab below.


Build a variety of high tech screens and displays by combining and customising various elements. You can use the default look or simply download all elements and modify each one as you wish


These beaitiful coloured moving elements can be used as backgrounds or overlays, perfect when superimposed on top of each other with blend mode applied such as Screen or Add. Use also Gaussian or Zoom Blur and a blend mode to create animated light effects over your footage.


Create stunning holographic graphics with ease, including 3D screens, objects and projections.

Lower Thirds

Stylish and contemporary looking lower thirds coming in separate elements that can be used separately or combined.

Sci-Fi Mographs

Random Text, globe mesh, planets, grids, scopes, colourful hi-tech vignettes are just some of the effects you can apply in seconds and then transform and stylise as you wish.


Handy and catchy sport graphics to place over your news, corporate and obviously sport footage.

High Tech Vol. 1

A set of 20 motion graphic elements including random text, digital gears, radars and graphs. The user can resize, rotate, crop, modify opacity, use composite modes, apply effects and most importantly combine them.

Compatible with all versions from 2009 onwards of After Effect, Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer, FCP 6/7 and X, Motion, Resolve on PC and Mac.