Hi-Tech Effects, Textures & Overlays

In this sub-category we have on offer some of our best selling hi-tech overlays and texturizes. Recreate HUDS, Progress Bars, Textures and visuals in seconds in order to dazzle your clients. HUD Elements 4K alone includes over 130 2D and 3D elements that can be combined in infinite ways. From Japan to USA these products have been sold throughout the world with great success. Read more about each product below.

  • Surreal Backdrops for PC & Mac

    Introducing our latest collection of motion graphics that will mesmerize your audience.

  • Progress Bars Overlays

    Progress Bars Overlays includes 28 different progress indicators delivered in ProRes 4444, which can be quickly imported to your editing or compositing software in order to create stylish infographics in…

  • Glitch Pack 1.0

    Add digital and analogue interference effects and transitions to your project with Glitch Pack 1.0. Created to be used with most editing and compositing software on both PCs & Macs,…

  • VJ Textures 4K

    A collection of indispensable motion graphic clips designed to be played and mixed with music for gigs and a variety of events as well as music videos, docs etc. Each…

  • High Tech Elements Vol. 1

    Motion graphics elements for Pc and Mac. Designed to apply stylish high tech motion graphics to a great variety of projects as overlays. Includes random text, digital gears, radars and…

  • Hi-Tech Overlays

    A vast library of motion graphics elements for Pc and Mac designed to add stylish high tech mographs as overlays to a great variety of projects. Accessible 24/7

  • HUD’s Elements 4K

    With over 135 2D and 3D assets in 4K resolution and organized into 7 different categories, each element can be previewed and downloaded at will. Hud Elements 4K is a…