LED Display Screens

LED Display Screens is a set of 15 new templates for Final Cut Pro (12 effects and 3 titles) that enable users to recreate the unique look and feel of enticing LED panels in 3D space. Once loaded with custom footage, the screens, which come in all sorts of shapes, can be animated and customized in many ways. This is an absolute must-have for music videos, promos, news, sports, titling, 3D simulation and compositing effects, and much more. You may also be interested in Video Walls 3.0, which includes 3D Multi-Display screen templates.


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LED Display Screens for Final Cut Pro - Demo

Thanks to Pexel.com videographers for some of the footage used in the demo.

LED Display Screens for Final Cut Pro - Tutorial

Crawling Text LED Panel

Letter-shaped LED Panels

LEDs with Custom Footage

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